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E-Learning: My Internship


My Internship


With this eLearning unit, we want to support you in getting the most out of your internship.
This platform is suitable for you if you …
  • … want to start an internship soon but haven’t found a placement yet
  • … want to start an internship soon and have already found a placement
  • … have already started your internship
  • … have completed an internship and would like to put your experience to good use for your future path
  • … want to find out more about the application process and working life in general
Structure and content
We have divided this eLearning unit into three phases that you can complete one after the other or independently of each other:
  1. Internship Search and Application: Everything that you need to know before starting your internship
  2. Life as an Intern: Here you will find information and exercises that will be helpful during your internship
  3. Self-Reflection: You can use this after your internship to get the most out of your experience
Tips and materials
For a varied learning experience, you will find worksheets, checklists, videos with personal insights or animated graphics. You can also download a Reflection Diary that you can print or fill out directly on your PC. The exercises from the Reflection Diary, which can be used to develop its content in more detail, are linked in the corresponding places.
All of the tips, templates, examples, etc. presented can, of course, also be used for general job searches (e.g. in the final phase of your studies). If you already create convincing application documents for your internship, you will be able to use this basic structure as a template that you only have to adapt accordingly for future job searches.

Optimal use
You can use this service flexibly as and when you need it. Each exercise and worksheet is voluntary and is not monitored or evaluated. On the homepage, you can click directly on the phase that currently applies to you or is most appealing to you. You can also navigate to the points that are currently of interest to you within the selected phase. Although the individual chapters build on each other and lead you through the entire process, they are independent entities and can therefore also be completed individually.
We wish you a lot of fun with this eLearning unit and an exciting and valuable internship experience!
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